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Meatsmith Specialty Butcher, Wine Merchant & Charcutier in Fitzroy is seeking to maintain a reliable supply, from time-to-time, of small numbers of young heritage sheep:

Blue Ribbons to Balaclavas exhibition

The ‘Blue Ribbons to Balaclavas’ exhibition that was featured at the 2015  Royal Melbourne Show will travel to Bendigo as part of the 2017 Australian Sheep and Wool Show.

The exhibition, created by RASV Heritage, celebrates the work and efforts of the community of industrious women who lovingly made garments and accessories for men at the front and recovering at home during World War I.

This travelling exhibition includes replica knitted garments from the Red Cross Booklet together with historic photographs and an illustrated catalogue.

Sock knitting in its various guises, French and Dutch heeled and 'wheeling' was one of the most popular activities but knitted balaclavas, bandages and cholera belts were all produced to assist with the war effort.

See Blue Ribbons to Balaclavas at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show (Link to at the Prince of Wales Showgrounds, Bendigo from 14-16 July 2017 .

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