Breeds from Australia

In 2002, a passionate and dedicated group of sheep breeders in Victoria recognized the vital importance of preserving the unique genetic qualities inherent in the old breeds of sheep. To safeguard these treasured breeds, they established Heritage Sheep Australia. The primary mission of Heritage Sheep Australia is threefold: to protect, promote, and secure the future of these historic breeds, which have played a pivotal role in shaping Australia's sheep and wool industry. This noble endeavor is closely affiliated with the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Limited, reinforcing its commitment to preserving these invaluable genetic resources.

The Heritage breeds encompass a diverse range of longwool and shortwool varieties, each possessing its own distinct qualities. The longwool breeds, with their exquisite fleece, are a source of delight for handspinners and weavers, while the shortwool breeds are celebrated for their fine-textured meat with exceptional flavor. Despite the historical popularity of most Heritage sheep breeds, many of them now face the threat of extinction in Australia, owing to the dwindling number of stud breeders. Heritage Sheep Australia firmly believes that the genetic legacy encapsulated within these sheep is a treasure worth protecting and nurturing.

Whether you are a prime lamb producer, an artisan, or a small-scale landholder, you can find a Heritage sheep breed that suits your specific needs and interests. These breeds offer a rich tapestry of history, genetics, and utility, and by supporting their preservation, we ensure that they continue to thrive and contribute to the diverse fabric of Australian agriculture.



English Leicester








Dorset Horn




Hampshire Down


Dorset Down