The Australian Rare Breed Sheep Project

There are many beautiful species of sheep in the world but only a small number of breeds are used commercially. Some of the heritage breeds offer traits of not only long, lustrous or bouncy, crimpy fibre, or springy downs wool, but also commercially important traits like propensity to twin lambs, resistance to foot rot, ability to defend themselves/offspring, and other traits that are being lost in more commercially available sheep.   

Some of these important sheep breeds are at risk of being lost due to their small breeding flock size, their localisation, and  susceptibility to decimation of the breed to disease.   Because of its remote nature and strong sheep heritage, Australia plays an important role ensuring these sheep are available for future generations.

This project is designed to increase the viability (financially) of these breeds by educating fibre artists about the wonderful traits of rare breed sheep, how to use their beautiful fibres, and where to source these fibres. The project will seek to improve a connection between breeders to distribute meat, hydes, semen, and rams/ewes.

The goal of this project is to stimulate financial streams for the shepherds who passionately preserve these important flocks.

The Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association

The ASSBA has the following objectives:

  • The encouragement of the breeding and improvement of the British and other breeds of sheep in Australia and the maintenance of the purity and type of each of such breeds.
  • The compilation and publication of a Flock Book as evidence of the Flock Register on which Flock Histories are maintained.
  • The investigation of the histories, pedigrees, purity of type of sheep registered or entered for registration.

When you purchase sheep registered in the Australian Flock Register, you will be invited to join the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Ltd.

Membership will give you access to the Society-sponsored shows and sales and will enable you to make use of the Society's records of flocks, breeding and pedigrees.

Border Collies

Border Collies can be excellent sheep dogs, and some just love water


Grass Roots magazine

Grass Roots magazine has been sharing ideas for 40 years. It's full of practical info from the people who have done it themselves, on a shoestring. Read about chooks, animal care, farmers markets, sustainable living, cooking healthy and allergy free recipes, building and retrofitting, gardening, craft, and much more. Edited by Megg Miller, Australia's poultry expert. Facebook site coodinated by Suni Miller.

Zetta Kanta - Fibre artist 

Zetta is a fibre artist who makes wallhangings and coverings. She has a background is in fashion design but her focus these days is art related to environment and its natural preservation themes. She believes in "slow food" and "slow art" which are movements which are becoming popular.

She likes working with wool: 100% Wool is simple and easy, yet gives so much back; it is stain resistant, odour resistant, a natural barrier to UV, fire resistant, biodegradable, natural, healthy, cool in the summer, warm in the winter.